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Harvest Barn is pleased to offer 2 new meat box kits! 

This quality meat is raised on small-scale farms in Ontario without the use of anti-biotics or hormones. The animals are 100% grass fed, and the meat is dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days to ensure it's as tender as possible. The product is flash-frozen in minutes and vacuum-sealed to retain flavour, texture and colour, which means you'll find no discernable difference from fresh. 

Box #1 - Harvest Barn's Large BBQ Meat Box - includes 8 AAA Angus Prime Rib Beef Burgers, 8 Italian Sausages, and 4 Chicken Breasts, the perfect mix for entertaining or just to stock up the freezer. $86.00

Box #2 - Harvest Barn's Breakfast Box - you'll get 9 Breakfast sausages, 1 lb Bacon, 1 dozen Conestoga Free Run Eggs, 4 tea biscuits and 1 litre of freshly squeezed orange juice! $46.00

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